Company Overview

Company Overview

Working for an Odour Free World!!!

Working for an
Odour Free World!!!

Leocym, a French organization headquartered in Douai, France, has the primary objective of solving the Odour Problem of the world and providing Clean Air Solutions.

We have a unique know-how to tackle the environmental challenges posed by bad odours & olfactory nuisances.

We provide a full range of patent active substances neutralizing unpleasant smells based on combination of natural essential and synthetic oils containing cocktails of aldehydes. The company also specializes in tailored project-based implementation in Industrial as well as Public sectors.

Leocym offers cutting-edge products to counter Odour Pollution which instead of simply masking the odour, eradicate it.

What Makes Us Different?


Internationally Compliant

Neutralizing Odours


Easy To Use

Creates Healthy Environment

Clean Air Solutions!!!!

Clean Air Solutions!!!!