“Mother is a person, who seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie." 

Tenneva Jordan

In a nutshell, the above quote tells us about the never-ending selflessness of our beautiful mothers. They are the first ones to comfort us when we cry, to celebrate our achievements, and to support us through the ups and downs of life. From the moment we are born, mothers dedicate themselves to our upbringing, nurturing us into the people we become. They teach us life skills, impart valuable knowledge, and provide unconditional love and support which eventually shapes our personalities. 

One of those important things that our mother provides is the cooking. A mother’s cooking plays an important role in maintaining the physical, emotional, and cultural well-being of a family. The advantages of our mother’s amazing cooking are as follows: 

  • Nutritious meals: Mothers are often responsible for preparing nutritious meals for their families. They prepare well-balanced meals that provide essential nutrients to their loved ones as they have a better understanding of their family’s dietary requirements and preferences. 
  • Tradition and culture: Traditionally in many cultures, recipes and cooking methods are passed down from generation to generation and a mother’s cooking plays an important part in preserving that cultural heritage and creating a sense of nostalgia and connection to one’s roots. 
  • Comfort and love: A mother’s cooking usually provides a sense of comfort and love to her family. Sometimes, home-cooked meals even evoke our childhood memories of family gatherings. 
  • Health and hygiene: Home-cooked meals are often regarded as healthier and more hygienic than cafés or fast-food meals as our mothers take special care in preparing our meals in a clean and safe environment, reducing the risk of foodborne illnesses. 
  • Economic benefits: Cooking at home frequently is more affordable than eating out or ordering food at conveyance, so it obviously makes sense that our mother’s ability to prepare delicious and nutritious meals fare better even on the cost-to-benefit basis. 

While we all take this daily activity of cooking for granted, for mothers, it can be a challenging task. Cooking for a family is not an easy job, and mothers face numerous challenges and problems while doing so. From lack of time for themselves to picky eaters and health issues, cooking can become a daunting task for mothers.   

Even though many of these issues vary from household to household, one thing that can be addressed to make cooking a more enjoyable and stress-free experience for our mothers, is making the kitchen a more pleasant place and the odour plays a vital role in that. Asking our mothers to cook various mouth-watering dishes feels so easy but that comes at the cost of a smelly kitchen which makes it unbearable for a longer duration of use. 

That is why LEOCYM is here to give your mom a fresh breather, the next time you ask her to cook kadhai paneer! With its French probiotic formula and odour-neutralizing capabilities, LEOCYM is the new savior for your mom’s sanctuary: THE KITCHEN. 

Here some benefits of LEOCYM that your mom will absolutely love: 

  • Leocym eliminates the odour from the molecular level rather than masking it like any other kitchen/room fragrances. 
  • Leocym offers a neutral and natural smelling odour which gives a unique character to your kitchen.Smell is one of the most important senses for humans and it is also one of the strongest senses as it can affect our moods, emotions and behavior.
  • A calm natural smell in the kitchen provides a pleasant experience for your mom and gives her a sense of comfort and warmth.  
  • Leocym is non-toxic to the eyes and the skin, making its use even more hygienic than other products. Plus, our products are also biodegradable which benefits the environment after their life cycle is complete. 
  • Leocym products last for a much longer duration, therefore, our products turn out to be cheaper than the other products while providing 10 times more efficiency.  

Apart from these benefits, Leocym also provides a wide-range of products specially designed for the kitchen like Leocym Fish OdrKill which aims to eliminate fish-cooking related odour, Leocym Meat OdrKill which aims to eliminate meat-cooking related odour and Waste & Garbage OdrKill which aims to eliminate odour emanating from waste products from the kitchen. 

Ultimately, we need to celebrate the hard work and dedication that our mothers put in to cooking for our families and honor the crucial role they play in keeping their loved ones healthy and happy. May we be able to reciprocate their gentle touch with Leocym. 

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