Neuroscientists say humans can distinguish 10,000 scents but why is odour so important? Because anything humans smell is first processed by the olfactory bulb, inside the nose and has a direct connection to areas of the brain strongly associated with emotion and memory. So, in order to create a long lasting first impression, you must smell good and make your place smell good. 

“Odour has a powerful, immediate impact on the way we perceive our environment. The odour communicates the quality and cleanliness of the space,” says Dr. Lori Strazdas, MPH, a public health liaison. 

You probably are unaware of how all your senses are taking in information when it comes to your surroundings. It matters how an environment feels, looks, smells; and perhaps none more so than the setting of your home, where you probably have a particular idea of how you want it to feel for your family and guests. The only one of the five senses that is directly connected to a part of our brain that is responsible for our emotions is smell. Because of this, a scent can transport you to a specific moment much more quickly than a sound or an image can. 

This sense of smell plays an even more important role when it comes to one’s home because the home is considered as one’s sanctuary or comfortable safe space. So how is it comfortable if your house contains that bad odour and smells pungent, even after trying all kinds of room fresheners and fragrance sprays? 

Today we’re settling the truth about these “not-so-effective” odour-masking products once in for all!

Masking the odour vs. Killing the odour 

Why are usual room fresheners and car fragrances not impactful or long-lasting?  

The problem with the current range of room fresheners and fragrances is the concept of odour-masking. Odour-masking is a concept in which the domestic air-fresheners are introduced into a room at a high concentration, and they mask the unpleasant pungent odour present in the room. As a result, the human nose detects the targeted fragrance rather than the horrific odour. It’s almost like sweeping the dust under your rug rather than picking it out and throwing it out, which only serves as a temporary solution rather than a long term one. That is why this concept is not very efficient because the masking fragrance wears off after a certain time and the bad odour resumes its presence. This eventual wear-off results in a recurring use of these products, which is more than necessary (making it better for the companies’ profits, rather than the consumers). 

Killing the odour! 

This is why eliminating the odour from its existence is the wave of the future! The odour-killer concept removes the stubborn odour and foul smell by going to the molecular level and eliminates the bad-smelling bacteria altogether. The chemical reaction of with bad odour (molecule mix) creates a new combination that is neutral in terms of smell. 

Moving past these odour-masking products, it’s now time for a solid solution which kills the odour and leaves a long-lasting impact. 

LEOCYM is the new-age Odour-Killer! 

Embarrassed to call guests for dinner-party because of bad smell?  

LEOCYM will be your biggest talking point when you invite your friends or relatives for your next cookout or dinner-party as it has got your back against the strong-spicy tadka, meat and fish prep smell! Nobody would get the feeling that they’re inside a restaurant’s kitchen rather than your dining room while enjoying your delicious feast. Using Leocym’s Fish and Meat OdrKill, your cooking smell will be eliminated swiftly and hassle-free. 

Bored of using the same old jasmine and lavender fragrances 

Try Leocym, it offers a neutral and natural smelling odour which gives a unique character around your house. Smell is one of the most important senses for humans and it is also one of the strongest senses as it can affect our moods, emotions and behaviour. That is why stronger odour-masking fragrances can play with your sensitive nose, causing irritation. A calm natural smell in a household provides a pleasant experience and gives you a sense of comfort and warmth, while a discomforting smell can make your guests refrain from visiting back again.  

It also makes your house stand out among the rest because it doesn’t give that cliché flower-y smell. 

Not just for your home, but for your daily drive as well! 

Leocym not just eliminates the bad odour in your house, but it also saves the day in your daily commute vehicle as well. With its range of car products, it helps in keeping the inside environment of your car smelling neutral and natural even though your car goes through a wide range of environments. 

Bang for the buck! 

Leocym products last for a much longer duration, therefore, our products turn out to be cheaper than the other products while providing 10 times more efficiency.  

Neutral odour plus hygiene 

Leocym is non-toxic to the eyes and the skin, making its use even more hygienic than other products. Plus, our products are also biodegradable, which benefits the environment after their life cycle is complete. 

LEOCYM has mastered the art of killing the odour with our team of experts serving for more than 20 years in neutralizing odour across 25 countries, including patented technology which gives us our competitive advantage. We make our exclusive odour neutralizers in France and are now available in India for the first time. 

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