The world of living has changed. People now have greater concern towards sanity and safety. Covid-19 effects have drawn concern towards cleanliness and hygiene everywhere. People now think and act wisely in terms of healthy living. 

From protecting homes, offices, schools, workplaces to the society we live in! Everything around us is subject to our concern for cleanliness. 

But have you thought of the odour around us? 

Well, this is the thing which has been acknowledged less. Let us unleash the chapter.

We know about germs present on surfaces, in air, food, garbage, human bodies and others. But have we thought that the smell & odour also contains germs and bacteria. The microorganisms present in it not only produce foul smell but also affect the human body with various diseases and serious disorders.

Exposure to these odours can result in serious health hazards from mild discomforts to more serious problems. These directly affect the tissue present in the human body known as Olfactory Epithelium. 

Apart from health hazards, smelling odour is not good for your mental and capable health.

For its solution, we spray air fresheners around us. But have you thought that these too might prove hazardous to our physical and mental health? The freshener we use at our place is a hard scent made from artificial fragrances and harmful chemicals. 

These scents are hard and can cause headaches, nausea, and serious mental illness. Humans, especially children and older people get more affected with these fragrances. Moreover, these fragrances, instead of killing the germs and bacteria present in the odour , mask them for sometime. 

For such a serious problem, we need a permanent solution. A solution which removes the odour along with killing the germs present in it. A natural product and a light aroma. 

Well you have Leocym for that.

Leocym is an advanced odour neutraliser originally from France with advanced scientific technology. It is 100% natural and removes the strongest odour around you along with killing the germs present in them. An organic neutraliser with a light and pleasant aroma which is healthy for you and your family. 

Its sole aim is to serve you and your family with good health.

Cheers to a natural, neutral and healthy living!

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