Everyone wants a picture-perfect home. The only jarring note in this image of a sleek and well-furnished home is bad odours or smells. Has your home become stinky and are you looking for a viable solution for the same? You may be tempted to follow the quickest and most common way that most people choose, which is to buy a room freshener. You will get a variety of advice from your friends and well-wishers, such as, “Get a new coat of paint,” “Hire a home cleaning service,” or “Get the plumbing or seepage fixed” etc.

While there is nothing wrong with these suggestions, they only look at the external problem and offer expensive solutions. They may or may not work, given the severity of the problem. Also, they may force you to make repeated investments with dubious results. Before deciding on an ideal solution, try to get answers to five basic questions. These can help you identify, segregate, control and eliminate the various forms of odours that may be inflicting your home. 

#1 What is the type of smell/odour that you have in your home?

It may sound like a strange question but this is how smell or odour work. Your home is a playground of various strong odour-emanating places and substances. Each of these has its distinct odour and has little in common except its “signature stink”. Confused? Let us clarify, the smell of seepage is different from the stinking odour of the washroom. The smell coming out of dirt-filled carpets is not the same that you encounter in your kitchen that may reek of fish or meat leftovers. 

Only after you have been able to find the type of smell, you should try to find the appropriate odour killer for the same. This product is different from your usual “room freshener” that we’ll look into details in a while. But first, let us look at other questions.

#2 What is the source of smell/odour?

Have you been able to find out the “type” of smell? Find it difficult to answer? You can try to look at the source of the stink. It may hold a clue to the kind of odour that is troubling you. The stink that is troubling you may be coming from one or more of these sources:

  1. Drain
  2. Washroom 
  3. Waste and Garbage
  4. Fish leftovers in the kitchen
  5. Meat leftover in kitchen/garbage
  6. Carpets and Rugs in rooms or gallery
  7. Smoking room/area

As is the case with the type, the source of smell can help you select the correct odour killer to effectively deal with it.

#3 What is the smell/odour occurrence frequency?

Some smell, for example, “smoke” smell comes only after extensive use of cigarettes. Whereas stink associated with fish or meat depends on their usage in your home. While urinal smells are a common occurrence in every home and need daily solutions in the form of an air purifier or an odour killer. Finding the difference in these will assist you in deciding which product to buy and in which quantity or frequency.

#4 Can you prevent, control or eliminate the smell/odour with effective remedies?

Some odours or smells can be controlled or eliminated, while others need “treatment” with effective air cleaners or odour treatment devices. Take our earlier example of the “smoke” smell or “fish” odour. You can reduce or eliminate smoking or fish preparation at your home to avoid it. While others, like the smell associated with the drain, garbage or washroom cannot be prevented. As such, you will need to find an effective solution for the same.

#5 What is preferable – masking or elimination of the smell/odour?

Most room fresheners or urinal air purifiers that you find in the market work on the principle of “masking” rather than “elimination. Simply put, they use a strong smell like Rose, Lavender or a zillion other varieties to tide over, suppress and hide the hideous smells in your home. There is nothing fundamentally wrong with that except that once the effect of the room freshener wanes the stink returns to haunt you. If you or your family members suffer from an allergy or have asthma or a similar breathing-related condition, then this is not a feasible option for you.

The “odour-eliminator” works on the principle of treatment and removal rather than temporary or superficial masking. Leocym is one of the top French brands in odour elimination that is available internationally. 

Here are the various advantages you get when you pick up one of our products for odour or bad smell elimination at your home or office:

  1. 100% odour elimination
  2. Subtle fragrance
  3. 24-hour neutralization
  4. Chemical-free odour
  5. Safe for eyes and skin
  6. Biodegradable
  7. Internationally compliant
  8. Non-Toxic
  9. Easy to use
  10. Creates a Healthy Environment 

Check out our vast variety of odour neutralizers here  https://leocym.com/shop/ and order online from the comfort of your home. 

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