What is the first thing that hits your senses when you step into a room? Is it the scent of freshly baked cookies, the spooky yet familiar mishap of those uninvited pets or the beholding warmth of the bright sun carrying a mix of fresh air?

This sense of smell is capable of triggering memories, influencing our emotions, or serving as a warning for potential dangers. But what’s the difference between an odour and a fragrance? What is hiding in the air you breathe inside your home or office? Let’s understand the difference.  

The Sensory Showdown: Odour vs. Fragrance

At first glance, odours and fragrances might seem quite similar—they both engage and trigger our olfactory senses. However, the defining difference between the two is the impact they create. 

Let us look at each one of them.



Odours are associated with things we’d rather avoid or which we find unpleasant. They can stem from various sources, such as natural biological processes, house garbage, or the presence of allergens like the tell-tale scent of pet dander. Odours are a big red flag due to underlying issues, like mould growth, plumbing troubles, or inadequate ventilation. They arise from airborne molecules that trigger our olfactory receptors. This is, however, done negatively and sends distress signals to our brain, warning us that something might be amiss.


Fragrances are of two types – natural and artificial.  You may associate it with a garden with blooming flowers and the fresh breeze that immerses your senses. Unlike these natural fragrances, the artificial fragrances you buy in the market are a poor imitation of the real thing. 

These mass-produced “chemical-based scents meant to invoke positive emotions or enhance the atmosphere try to mask pungent odours. Such fragrances are added to various products like perfumes, candles, air fresheners, and cleaning agents to make them inviting and attractive for you. Also, unlike odours, fragrances are carefully chosen for their ability to create specific moods or associations. They are also designed to be pleasant.

Do you believe that triggering moods and masking the bad odour is all that an artificial freshener needs to cater to?

The Cost of Masking Odours: Why Neutralising Odour a Safer Option

Masking bad odours with air fresheners can worsen issues. It can cause indoor air pollution and only give brief respite. It’s a quick-fix cure that can lead to long-term problems.

Because many air fresheners include toxic chemicals, they can contribute to indoor air pollution. Furthermore, masking is a temporary remedy because the strong odour returns once the fragrance fades.

Odour neutralisation, on the other hand, targets and removes smells at their source, resulting in a fresh and healthy indoor atmosphere. It is also free of the various hazards that come with masking. 

The Better Option: Odour Elimination

Odour neutralizer removes smells at its source, resulting in a fresh and clean interior atmosphere. It also poses zero risks to the mental and physical well-being of the users. Bad odours indicate underlying problems and affect your home’s IAQ or Indoor Air Quality index. Chemical-based room fresheners carry fragrances that can introduce harmful chemicals into your living space. 

Prioritising natural scents, addressing odours at their source, and using effective odour neutralizers can help you achieve the right balance and breathe in a safe atmosphere. Do remember that the quality of the air that you breathe indoors directly affects your well-being. You need to make choices that help to create a fresher and healthier living space. 

Leocym Odour Neutralizer: Breath of Fresh Air

Unlike typical air fresheners that merely mask odours, Leocym takes a different approach—it annihilates odours at their source. It doesn’t just improve the smell of your indoor air; it also enhances the air quality you breathe. By chemically altering or encapsulating odour molecules, Leocym effectively eliminates them. 

It doesn’t cover up unpleasant smells with overpowering fragrances; it neutralizes them, creating a fresh and clean environment.  This approach doesn’t just cater to your sense of smell; it prioritizes your well-being as well.

The choice between odour neutralizers and fragrance-carrying fresheners can significantly impact your indoor air quality!

Leocym’s dedication to promoting a healthier interior environment extends beyond scent removal. Its products are made with non-toxic and biodegradable materials, making them suitable for use around children and pets. While standard air fresheners may include VOCs and synthetic chemicals, Leocym’s natural and eco-friendly recipe distinguishes it.

Think Leocym – when you think of clean indoor air and choosing between odours and fragrances. It is not just about making your home smell better; it’s also about creating a healthier living space. With Leocym, you can breathe easily, knowing that the pungent odours are not just masked but obliterated, giving you clean, fresh and safe air to breathe.

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