Mom and hers. They do it all. Our moms care for our convenience. From giving us life to feeding us, they give us everything they can.

But let’s take a moment to contemplate.

It should be a two-way street so have you thought of something for your mom’s comfort? Give her something in return as well.

Something that can be as relaxing and soothing to her as the warmth of the sun in the winters.

Whether a doctor or an engineer, a pilot or a scientist, or a homemaker, she carries her corporate and personal responsibilities with excellent ease. But don’t you think at times they too feel frustrated, sad, pissed off, or any other stress that we youngsters shout about? They definitely do. But over to us, we are least bothered about what she is feeling or what can make her feel really well.

Now is the time to change. something that is as aesthetic as her. That makes her feel your love, your care, and your token of appreciation for her.

How about getting her the Leocym French Odour Neutralizers that can help elevate her household chores from mere drudgery to a luxurious undertaking.

Why not gift her a wholehearted ease of an odour-free space.

Leocym are odour neutralizers originally coming from the ateliers of France that are now available in India for the first time. Unlike air fragrances and fresheners, these are odour neutralizers that do not mask but kill the odour from the roots.

Odour neutralizers eliminate the bad smell at a molecular level, thereby razing it completely to the ground, leaving no insecurity of its return whatsoever. The neutralizing agents present in them act in synergy with perfuming agents to remove any harsh and foul smell that may arise. This joint action maximizes the neutralization and removes the foul smell.

It has been tested and found to be 200% more effective and 33% more economical than other odour perfumes. On the whole, it is biodegradable, non-toxic, easy to use, and internationally compliant. It does not contain a harsh smell but gives off a light aroma along with neutral cleaning.

This is a modern solution for all types of bad odours. It comes in a wide variety of products that are ideal to eliminate maladours emanating from ducts, sewers, drains, washrooms, tobacco, pets, urinals, meat, fish, garbage and cooking sells etc.

With Leocym as your token gesture of gratitude for your mother, transform her life and duties as a homemaker by gifting her the ultimate luxurious fix for her respiratory comfort. We need to celebrate the hard work and dedication that are mothers put in for the overall welfare of the entire family. May we be able to reciprocate a fraction of that selflessness and love with the gentle touch of Leocym.

Because there is no doubt that the smell of saying thank you is odour-free!

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