As a gracious host, welcoming guests to your home is an occasion of utmost importance. You prepare your house with minute attention to detail, ensuring that everything is perfect.

But what do you do when you have an unexpected and unpleasant odour plaguing their arrival?

Will you reach out for mere chemical sprays with loaded fragrances?


Odour is an inevitable part of life. They can be very unpleasant and this is where the challenge arises. Unpleasant odour can arise from a variety of sources, such as cooking, pets and smoking, to name a few. Sometimes guests may not even be aware that they are carrying an odour with them. It can be an embarrassing situation for both the guest and the host.

This is where Leocym takes the charge!

Leocym is a French odour neutralizer that ensures your guests’ stay is delightful and comfortable, no matter what the situation. The odour neutralizing technology comes in, effectively eliminating the odour without leaving behind any unpleasant residue.

Leocym is a French company that focuses on odour killing rather than odour masking. Our products are developed to combat all types of odour, be it from cooking, smoking, or pet odour, and it is perfect to ensure that your home is always smelling pleasant.

The diverse category of Leocym products that are proven most effective in eliminating  stubborn odours include:

  • Leocym Drain OdrKill– Drain odrkill is a drain odour neutralizer that works like a charm in killing odours arising from drains. It is uniquely designed to eliminate bad odours and kill the germs emanating from drains, ducts, sewers, etc. The patented active substances neutralize unpleasant smells based on a combination of natural essentials and synthetic oils containing cocktails of aldehydes.
  • Leocym CarFresh- Leocym’s CarFresh is a car odour neutralizer that kills and removes stubborn odour and foul smells arising in the car. It is a ‘diffuser technique’ based gel with a doming technique. It is soft, fresh, regular, and effective against tobacco odour, stale air smell, bodily smell, food smell, and more.
  • Leocym OdoClr- Leocym Odorclr is an odour neutralizer “ready to use ” product that kills washroom and toilet odour and foul smell. With continuous action for 6 months, this neutralizing solution is ideal for washrooms and toilets in a home.
  • Leocym Urinal Care Mat- This product neutralizes the foul and acidic smell coming from the urine. Its spiderweb-shaped design is suitable for all types of urinals and prevents rubbish such as cigarettes, chewing gum, candy wrappers, etc from blocking the drain of the urinal. The neutralizing agents act in synergy with perfuming agents present in the mat. Not only does it destroy the harsh and foul smell arising out of urinals but also creates a pleasant atmosphere.
  • Leocym AeroFresh- It is an air odour neutralizer that kills all kinds of odour and foul smells present in the air. It is free of harmful chemicals. This odour neutralizer kills the stale and foul stench emanating from tobacco, mold, animals, paint, food, and vegetal waste and dampness. This product is biodegradable and non-toxic.
  • Leocym CarpCare- This spray is designed to effectively kill odours emanating from carpets and rugs in drawing rooms, bedrooms, hallways, and other areas.
  • Leocym UrineOdrKill- This urine smell-neutralizing spray destroys the foul and stingy smell in toilets.
  • Leocym Waste & Garbage OdrKill- This anti-odor spray eliminates odours emanating from decomposing organic wastes, food, and other types of garbage in the kitchen (domestic and commercial) and outdoors.
  • Leocym Fish OdrKill- This anti-odor neutralizing spray is specially created to eliminate the foul smell from fish and other seafood items. This spray is ideal for all the places where the fish and other seafood items are either cooked and consumed such as kitchens, dining rooms, or places such as fish markets or shops.
  • Leocym Meat OdrKill- This anti-odor neutralizing spray is specially designed to eliminate the foul smell emanating from all kinds of meat. This spray is perfect for all the places where meat is either cooked and consumed such as kitchens, and dining rooms, or sold such as meat markets and shops.

Leocym’s olfactory treatment is a revolution in itself. It involves the use of unique formulas that neutralizes odour at the molecular level, breaking down the molecules responsible for the odour. This technology ensures that the odour is not just masked but eliminated, leaving your home smelling fresh and clean.

Our products are environment-friendly, making an ideal solution for anyone looking for a natural and sustainable option. Leocym’s products are hypoallergenic, ensuring safety around children and pets. Leocym’s products are easy to use, and they come in a wide range of catalogue to suit your preferences. The fragrances are designed to give your home a touch of French luxury, and they are perfect for any occasion.

When it comes to guests and odour, Leocym has got you covered. Our products are perfect for ensuring that your guests have a comfortable stay, free from any unpleasant odour. Leocym’s technology ensures that even the most persistent of odours are eliminated, leaving your home smelling fresh and clean.

In a nutshell, odour can be unexpected and unpleasant, and they can quickly ruin a good time. This is where Leocym comes in, a French odour neutralizer that effectively eliminates odour rather than just masking them. With Leocym, you can be assured that your home will always smell fresh and clean, and your guests will be comfortable no matter the situation.

Leocym’s products are easy to use, environmentally friendly, and hypoallergenic, and they come in a range of fragrances that give your home a touch of French luxury. So the next time your guests arrive unexpectedly, you can be confident that Leocym will take care of any unwanted odour.

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