Masking versus killing! 

There’s no denying of the fact that a bad smell lingers long.

Neuroscientists say humans can distinguish up to 10,000 scents.

Just like negative experiences tend to stay with a person for a long time, the same way humans are wired to remember olfactory triggers.

But how are odours capable of leaving this scorching dent in the memory?

The answer lies in the nasal programming.

Because anything humans smell is first processed by the olfactory bulb inside the nose and has a direct connection to areas of the brain associated with emotion and memory, foul stench creates a long lasting mark in the system.

Simply put, a scent or stench can transport humans to a specific moment much more quickly than a sound or image can owing to smell being the only one of the five senses that is directly connected to the part of our brain where emotions reside.

This sense of smell plays an even more important role when it comes to one’s home because the home is considered as one’s sanctuary.

So how can one vouch for comfort if one’s house contains that bad odour even after trying all kinds of room fresheners and fragrance sprays?

The problem with the current range of room fresheners and fragrances is the concept of odour-masking.

Odour masking involves using fragrances or masking agents at a high concentration to cover up the unpleasant odour with a more dominant scent.

As a result, the human nose detects the targeted fragrance rather than the horrific odour. It’s almost like sweeping the dust under your rug rather than picking it out and throwing it out, which only serves as a temporary solution rather than a long term one. It cuts corners and fails to provide actual relief.

The masking agent does not interact chemically with the odor-causing compounds or eliminate them. Rather, it “masks” the odour by introducing a more appealing smell.

This eventual wear off results in a recurring use of these products, which is more than necessary, making it a way for companies to line their pockets, rather than for the consumers). 

Apart from the questionable utilitarian value, strong odours can exacerbate allergies and asthma in susceptible individuals. For example, fragrances, perfumes, and certain chemicals can trigger allergic reactions and asthma attacks.


The Centre’s Solid Waste Management Rules, 2016, identified odour as a “public nuisance.”

Consistent exposure to strong maladours can irritate the respiratory system, leading to symptoms such as coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath, and nasal congestion. Certain odours can trigger headaches, migraines, and even nausea in some individuals. 

So what is the solution?

There’s no denying in the fact that the rot starts from within. So if the issue of respiratory comfort needs to be addressed, the intervention should start at the molecular level.

This is why eliminating the odour from its existence is the wave of the future!

Odour neutralization aims to eliminate the unpleasant odour by targeting and chemically altering the odour-causing compounds. It involves using techniques such as absorption, chemical reactions, enzymatic breakdown, or ozone treatment to break down or eliminate the odour molecules.

The goal is to address the source of the odour and eliminate it rather than simply covering it up and doing a slipshod job.

Leocym Odour Neutralizers are exclusive odour-eliminating blend for super breathing. Its exclusive French formula is the futuristic solution for all odour problems in the house as well as the surrounding neighborhood. Aligned with the environmental consciousness, Leocym is the odour-control elixir that is very much the need of the hour.

Unlike regular room and air freshners that just mask the odour with their dominant perfume for a limited time, Leocym’s revolutionary patented substances neutralize the stench by striking at the root of the maladours. Its special cocktail of aldehydes works at the molecular level to raze the bad smell to the ground.

Leocym goes straight for the jugular. It works to eradicate bad odours, not just hide them under strong perfume notes. Neither does the neutralizer mix with the smells and create a chain of even worse stinks. 

The shelf life of the products is over 6 months and they are safe for eyes and skin during application. Leocym believes in nipping the rancid in the bud, using patented formulas that is 200% more effective, 33% more economical, and offers 360 degree odour neutralization.


Moreover, LEOCYM is internationally compliant, as well as non-toxic to the eyes and the skin, making it even more hygienic and harmless than other ordinary deodorizers. The products are also biodegradable which benefits the environment after their life-cycle is complete.


Now available in India for the first time, Leocym’s product range is intentionally curated to deal with specific kinds and sources of bad smells, peddling clean air solutions with a customized approach. They are natural odour neutralizing balm for nasal needs and provide complete olfactory conditioning in every spray.

They are also ideal for domestic, commercial, municipal, hospitality, health, and industrial sectors. Leocym does the dirty work with the cleanest of solutions and intentions. They say when the going gets smelly, Leocym gets going!


Have a Leocym Day!

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