According to the National Human Activity Pattern Survey, it is indicated that people spend nearly 90% of their time indoors. source

Imagine walking into your living room and being greeted by the gentle notes of a pleasant scent, rather than being met with the remnants of last night’s dinner. Picture your washroom always smelling clean and refreshing, regardless of how frequently it’s used. Home is where the heart is, and every homeowner aspires to make their living space a haven of comfort and warmth. One significant factor that contributes to the overall ambiance of a home is its fragrance. Unpleasant odour can significantly impact the atmosphere, making it less inviting. This is where Leocym comes to the rescue with a range of innovative products designed to tackle odour at their source. Say goodbye to unwanted smells and hello to a fresh, welcoming home environment!

The Leocym Odour Neutralizing Solution

Leocym offers a comprehensive line of products that cater to different areas of your home. Each product is formulated with advanced technology to effectively neutralize different kinds of odour, leaving behind a revitalizing fragrance. Leocym’s array of products targets specific sources of odour, leaving no corner untouched. It’s not just about eliminating smells; it’s about crafting an atmosphere that uplifts your spirits and leaves a lasting positive impression. With Leocym’s cutting-edge solutions, you can confidently bid farewell to the embarrassment of lingering odour. Gone are the days of hurriedly trying to mask unpleasant smells with temporary fragrances.

It’s not just about neutralizing odour; it’s about enhancing the moments you share with family and friends.

Leocym’s commitment to quality and effectiveness is evident in its meticulously designed products. Each formulation is a result of extensive research and development, ensuring that the solutions not only combat odour but also prioritize safety for you, your loved ones, and the environment. When you surround yourself with inviting fragrances, you create an ambiance that encourages relaxation, rejuvenation, and a sense of belonging. Leocym doesn’t just eliminate odour; it transforms your space into a canvas of memories waiting to be painted.



Let’s discover how Leocym transforms spaces into havens of comfort with every spray!


Leocym AeroFresh (for Stubborn Odour Indoors)

Certain odour can be stubborn and difficult to get rid of. Leocym AeroFresh is your go-to solution for combating persistent smells indoors. Whether it’s cooking odour, pet smells, or other lingering fragrances, AeroFresh tackles them head-on, leaving your home smelling clean and inviting.


Leocym OdoClr (for Stubborn Odour in Washroom)

A washroom is a place of personal hygiene, but it’s also notorious for retaining odour. Leocym OdoClr is specifically designed to combat washroom odour, leaving behind a clean and refreshing scent. With its easy-to-use application, you can create an inviting atmosphere in your washroom that guests will appreciate.


Leocym Drain OdrKill (for Drains and Sewage related Odour)

Say goodbye to the unpleasant odour emanating from your drains and sewage systems. Leocym Drain OdrKill is a powerful solution that eliminates foul smells at the source. Its unique French formula breaks down and prevents odour-causing compounds. Experience a fresher environment without worrying about drain odour.


Leocym Urine OdrKill (for Urine-Related Odour in Washroom)

Urine odour in washrooms can be particularly challenging to tackle. Leocym Urine OdrKill is formulated to neutralize urine-related odour effectively. Its active ingredients target and eliminate the compounds responsible for the smell, ensuring your washroom stays odour-free and pleasant.


Leocym CarpCare (for Carpets and Rugs related Odour)

Carpets and rugs can trap odour over time, affecting the overall air quality of your home. Leocym CarpCare offers a solution by neutralizing odour trapped in fabric fibers. Simply spray it on your carpets and rugs, and let the innovative formula do its magic, giving your home a renewed freshness.


Leocym Waste and Garbage OdrKill (for Garbage and Waste Area related Odour)

The garbage and waste area can be a major source of unpleasant odour. Leocym Waste and Garbage OdrKill provide an effective way to combat these smells. Its fast-acting formula eliminates odour and leaves behind a clean fragrance, making your waste area more manageable and less offensive.


Leocym Fish OdrKill (Fish-Related Cooking Odour)

Cooking odour, especially those from fish, can quickly permeate your home. Leocym Fish OdrKill targets this specific cooking odour, ensuring that your home remains free from unwanted smells. Enjoy your culinary adventures without worrying about lingering fishy odour.


Leocym Meat OdrKill (Meat-Related Cooking Odour)

Similar to fish odour, meat-related cooking smells can also be challenging to eliminate. Leocym Meat OdrKill is designed to counteract these odour, making your kitchen and dining area more pleasant after preparing meat-based meals.


Creating a welcoming and inviting home environment goes beyond just aesthetics; it also involves engaging the senses, particularly the sense of smell. From drains and washrooms to carpets and cooking odour, Leocym products offer a holistic approach to eliminating unwanted smells and creating a fresher atmosphere.


So why wait?

Transform your living space into a fragrant haven with Leocym Clean Air Solutions. Say goodbye to unpleasant odour and embrace a home that not only looks sweet but also smells sweet. Experience the difference of a truly odour-free environment, where you and your guests can enjoy a welcoming ambiance like never before.

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